“Curiouser and curiouser.”

Editorial Work





Wrote and Edited Fictional Books (Grades 3-5) for Literary Safari
Wrote Slideshows and Teacher Materials (Grades 6-12) for Channel One News
Edited/Rewrote Readers’ Theater Plays (Grades 6-8) for Junior Scholastic


Stay At Home Dad – Best job ever!


Cat, Bat Play Prompts Rabies Shots
If The Price Is Right, Buy It

All You Have To Do Is Start


Thank You For Your Service
Veterans Day Removed from List of Holidays in Stone Harbor

Visiting Cape May County’s Wineries
Cape May County Wineries Seeking Distinction
The Fine Line Between Life and Death
Education: One of the Keys to Breaking the Cycle of Incarceration

Be Right With Your World
Mine Eyes Can See, Glory!

Stone Harbor Museum Wants Dollars for Pebbles

Hope and Pray for Benign Outcomes

Cape May County Museum Board Weathers Internal Strife
The Niceness of Strangers


Freedom of Speech and Expression
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear
Freedom to Worship


STEM Career Exploration Game - Contributing Writer/Researcher/Editor (click “Play as Guest” to view)
The Lost World – Play Adaptation
Nineteen Eighty-Four – Play Adaptation


Rip Van Winkle – Play Adaptation
Literary Idol – Original Play
The Alchemist – Play Adaptation
Much Ado About Nothing – LIVE Facebook Interactive Play (Mashable article about project)
William Shakespeare: Poet, Playwright, Time Traveler – Fiction
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Play Adaptation

Scraps for Dogs – Fiction
The Wreck of the Grafton – Original Play


The Last Leaf – Video Production – Writer, Producer, Narrator
The Last Leaf (with pop-up video commentary) – Writer, Producer, Narrator
Greek Mythology – *Literary Web Site* – Senior Editor
Call It Courage – Play Adaptation
Meeting Your Character – Instructional Fiction
Gulliver’s Travels – Play Adaptation
The Midwife’s Apprentice – Play Adaptation
Poetry Now – *Literary Web Site* – Senior Editor


Mark Twain – *Literary Web Site* – Senior Editor
War of the Worlds – Play Adaptation

Jane Austen: Rot or Not – Fictional Interview
Hole in My Life – Play Adaptation
The Lady or the Tiger – Fiction
Fictional Interview with Satire
Animal Farm – Play Adaptation
Emily Dickinson, Lonesome Beauty – Nonfiction
Edgar Allan Poe – *Literary Web Site* – Concept & Development / Senior Editor


Overboard – Play Adaptation
Othello – Play Adaptation
Shakespeare – Fictional Interview (Part 2)
A Day No Pigs Would Die – Play Adaptation
The Fall of Icarus – Fiction
Student Writing Showcase II – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
I Heart Reading – Nonfiction
Spoon River Anthology – Play Adaptation
Hearing Walt Whitman Sing – Nonfiction
Slaughterhouse Five – Play Adaptation


William Shakespeare – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
Monsters – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
The Odyssey – Play Adaptation

Student Writing Showcase – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
Anne of Green Gables – Play Adaptation
Kindred Spirits – Fictional Interview with LM Montgomery
The Pirate’s Life for Me – Fiction
Romeo And Juliet – Play Adaptation
The Tell-Tale Poe – Fictional Interview
Christopher Paolini – Interview


The Canterbury Tales – *Literary Web Site* – Contributing Writer/Editor – November, 2006 (unavailable)
The House That Twain Built – Fictional Interview

Sleepy Hollow – Play Adaptation
The Children’s Story – Play Adaptation
Ready, Set, Write! – An Interview with Matt Madden
Of Mice And Men – Play Adaptation
Summer Story – Fiction
Buddy Breakdown – Original Play
Hoot – Play Adaptation
How to Use a Thesaurus – Article
William Shakespeare – Fictional Interview
Hamlet – Play Adaptation
Bill Simmons Interview – Article
Readers’ Theater book of 8 plays for grades 6-8 – Editor/Writer


It’s a Wonderful Life – Play Adaptation
Alice in Wonderland – Play Adaptation

Stalled Thanksgiving – Original Play
The Body – Play Adaptation
Halloween’s Answer to Santa Claus – An Interview with Stephen King
Muse No. 19 – Instructional Fiction
WORD: The Official Blog of READ and Writing Magazines – Writer, Manager, Editor – 2005 – 2011
Little Women – Play Adaptation
A Writer with Many Faces – An Interview with Michael Chabon
A Brush With Fame – Original Play
Overcome Writer’s Block – Nonfiction
All Pumped Up – Original Play
The Birds – Play Adaptation


Return to Sender: Stories in Letters – Instructional Fiction
Homeless at NYU – Nonfiction

A Different Beat – Original Play
Speech, Speech – Nonfiction
Kick It – Original Play
The Magic of Freewriting – Nonfiction


Giant Pandas – Animals of the Rainforest series
Chimpanzees – Animals of the Rainforest series


First Professional Editorial Project:
The Earth’s Resources (Science Fact Files)