Stephen King, Interview

“Curiouser and curiouser.”


Halloween’s Answer to Santa Claus

An Interview with Stephen King

I read no other author in my youth with more gusto and thrill than Stephen King. As a boy, I would climb the tree in my front yard carrying Christine or It or Misery or Pet Semetray… oh my my my… remember Pet Semetary?? I just almost stopped writing this blurb to go off and devour it! Ahh! But back to my reading tree—I felt weirdly safe up there from King’s monsters. I felt as if they couldn’t climb and reach me on my literary perch. Of course, I was wrong. You can never escape the magnificent horror he spins.

Later in life when I spoke to King, I could hardly believe that this luck was mine. King offered our teen audience precious writing advices and gems and, in my mind, that day in 2005 will be forever enshrined in platinum.

Published in Writing magazine, October 2005.