Edgar Allan Poe

“Curiouser and curiouser.”


Edgar Allan Poe – Interactive Website

Is it ever wise to actually throw in everything including the kitchen sink? If you can do it just once, I would highly recommend it. There are so many moving parts to this project and every one of them was an incredible joy to work on.

Poe turned 200 on January 19, 2009. On that day, we launched this grand celebration of a literary web site. It includes

an interactive timeline of Poe’s life—stop by Richmond, VA for a video tour of his town
a short, original and educational film of the Tell-Tale Heart
**short, original student produced video birthday tributes to Poe**
an animated hip-hop rendition of The Pit and The Pendulum
an illustrated, digital story of The Masque of the Red Death
an interactive Literary Scene Investigation of The Raven

and so much more!

2008 was a good year. The master of macabre never failed to inspire.

Web design by Ellen Scott.
Published by READ, January, 2009.