“Curiouser and curiouser.”

Editorial Work




2016 – 2019

Wrote and Edited Fictional Books (Grades 3-5) for Literary Safari
Wrote Slideshows and Teacher Materials (Grades 6-12) for Channel One News
Edited/Rewrote Readers’ Theater Plays (Grades 6-8) for Junior Scholastic

2014 – 2017

Wrote and Edited News Stories for Cape May County Herald


Freedom of Speech and Expression
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear
Freedom to Worship


STEM Career Exploration Game - Contributing Writer/Researcher/Editor (click “Play as Guest” to view)
The Lost World – Play Adaptation
Nineteen Eighty-Four – Play Adaptation


Rip Van Winkle – Play Adaptation
Literary Idol – Original Play
The Alchemist – Play Adaptation
Much Ado About Nothing – LIVE Facebook Interactive Play (Mashable article about project)
William Shakespeare: Poet, Playwright, Time Traveler – Fiction
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Play Adaptation

Scraps for Dogs – Fiction
The Wreck of the Grafton – Original Play


The Last Leaf – Video Production – Writer, Producer, Narrator
The Last Leaf (with pop-up video commentary) – Writer, Producer, Narrator
Greek Mythology – *Literary Web Site* – Senior Editor
Call It Courage – Play Adaptation
Meeting Your Character – Instructional Fiction
Gulliver’s Travels – Play Adaptation
The Midwife’s Apprentice – Play Adaptation
Poetry Now – *Literary Web Site* – Senior Editor


Mark Twain – *Literary Web Site* – Senior Editor
War of the Worlds – Play Adaptation

Jane Austen: Rot or Not – Fictional Interview
Hole in My Life – Play Adaptation
The Lady or the Tiger – Fiction
Fictional Interview with Satire
Animal Farm – Play Adaptation
Emily Dickinson, Lonesome Beauty – Nonfiction
Edgar Allan Poe – *Literary Web Site* – Concept & Development / Senior Editor


Overboard – Play Adaptation
Othello – Play Adaptation
Shakespeare – Fictional Interview (Part 2)
A Day No Pigs Would Die – Play Adaptation
The Fall of Icarus – Fiction
Student Writing Showcase II – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
I Heart Reading – Nonfiction
Spoon River Anthology – Play Adaptation
Hearing Walt Whitman Sing – Nonfiction
Slaughterhouse Five – Play Adaptation


William Shakespeare – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
Monsters – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
The Odyssey – Play Adaptation

Student Writing Showcase – *Literary Web Site* – Editor
Anne of Green Gables – Play Adaptation
Kindred Spirits – Fictional Interview with LM Montgomery
The Pirate’s Life for Me – Fiction
Romeo And Juliet – Play Adaptation
The Tell-Tale Poe – Fictional Interview
Christopher Paolini – Interview


The Canterbury Tales – *Literary Web Site* – Contributing Writer/Editor – November, 2006 (unavailable)
The House That Twain Built – Fictional Interview

Sleepy Hollow – Play Adaptation
The Children’s Story – Play Adaptation
Ready, Set, Write! – An Interview with Matt Madden
Of Mice And Men – Play Adaptation
Summer Story – Fiction
Buddy Breakdown – Original Play
Hoot – Play Adaptation
How to Use a Thesaurus – Article
William Shakespeare – Fictional Interview
Hamlet – Play Adaptation
Bill Simmons Interview – Article
Readers’ Theater book of 8 plays for grades 6-8 – Editor/Writer


It’s a Wonderful Life – Play Adaptation
Alice in Wonderland – Play Adaptation

Stalled Thanksgiving – Original Play
The Body – Play Adaptation
Halloween’s Answer to Santa Claus – An Interview with Stephen King
Muse No. 19 – Instructional Fiction
WORD: The Official Blog of READ and Writing Magazines – Writer, Manager, Editor – 2005 – 2011
Little Women – Play Adaptation
A Writer with Many Faces – An Interview with Michael Chabon
A Brush With Fame – Original Play
Overcome Writer’s Block – Nonfiction
All Pumped Up – Original Play
The Birds – Play Adaptation


Return to Sender: Stories in Letters – Instructional Fiction
Homeless at NYU – Nonfiction

A Different Beat – Original Play
Speech, Speech – Nonfiction
Kick It – Original Play
The Magic of Freewriting – Nonfiction


Giant Pandas – Animals of the Rainforest series
Chimpanzees – Animals of the Rainforest series


First Professional Editorial Project:
The Earth’s Resources (Science Fact Files)