Editorial Work

“Curiouser and curiouser.”


Playing With Shakespeare

Teaching students about William Shakespeare was one of the many perks of working on READ magazine. Every year, we would dedicate an issue to The Bard and in 2011, we took his work into uncharted territory. This printed issue served as an educational tool as well as a starting point that led to a first of its kind performance of Much Ado About Nothing on Facebook. The short story in the magazine is a wild ride that culminates with Shakespeare himself discovering the wonders of computers in our time and wanting to perform his play in this new, electronic venue.

LAUNCH ISSUE: Playing With Shakespeare


Flowers In Winter

For the most part, the December issue of READ has been holiday-themed. In 2010, we wanted to try a different approach. The idea of “Flowers in Winter” sounded tragically beautiful and I immediately began trying to come to terms with what the phrase means. In a nutshell, we took it to mean “light in the face of darkness” or “hope when hope seems lost.” Included in this issue is O’Henry’s original short story “The Last Leaf.” As an additional holiday bonus, I produced an original film of O’Henry’s work and surprised students and teachers with it just before their holiday break.

LAUNCH ISSUE: Flowers In Winter